Hofstede and Associates can undertake research on behalf of clients on organic waste, waste streams, evaluating technologies and compost quality.

Organic waste management

Hofstede and Associates can research all aspects of organic waste management, including the following:

-Feasibility studies for small and large scale composting facilities

-Expert advice and recommendations on the composting process

-Components of organic waste

-Organic waste management options

-Compost quality

-Organic odour control

-Standards and legislation

Evaluating Technology

Hofstede and Associates can research appropriate waste management technology specific to clients requirements. We use technology evaluation methods,including selections criteria to identify types of technology available, and can provide recommendations on the technology most suitable to the clients needs.

Compost Quality

There are many different factors which can effect compost quality. Dr Hofstede is a founding member of the National Compost Standard Committee and has been involved in compost waste management development in Australia, Europe and Asia. Hofstede and Associates can provide the following research services:

-Formulation of mixtures of different organic wastes for composting purposes

-Research on compost products in regard to physical, chemical and biological parameters, including nutrient

and trace element content


-Research on contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides, including organochlorines.

-Research on compost quality in regard to standard compliance

-Soil properties

Other services in integrated waste management:

-Marketing research to determine market potential and marketing mix content

-Development of process and product control management systems

-Development and negotiation of unique distribution policies

-Preparation of regional recycling strategies for country areas