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SPARTEL Pty Ltd is an environmental technology, engineering, and consulting company carrying out contract work for private companies, industry, and government institutions.

The company specialises in solid waste treatment, management and pollution control, particularly contaminated site remediation, composting, vermiculture, waste auditing and integrated waste management strategies. We are also active in research and development of proprietary technol ogies that service the needs of the waste management industry. Hofstede & Associates is the consulting division of Spartel Pty Ltd.


  • Chemical and biological analysis of all types of organic wastes.
  • Assessment of compostability of all types of organic wastes using computer controlled incubators.
  • Formulation of mixtures from different organic wastes for composting purposes.


  • Contaminated site remediation system design, including bioremediation, chemical fixation and vapour extraction.
  • Mine site rehabilitation.
  • Compost plant construction and operation.


  • Feasibility studies for small to large scale composting facilities.
  • Preparation of regional recycling strategies.
  • Design and preparation of engineering specifications for composting plants.


  • FABCOM small to large scale hybrid composting system.
  • BIOBOX in-vessel composting system for in situ treatment.
  • METALOK compound for managing heavy metal pollution in solid and liquid waste and contaminated soils.