Hofstede and Associates can tailor waste audits to provide all the information to manage the solid waste stream. We have over 10 years experience in waste auditing for local government and industry.

The company has conducted many waste audits and waste stream analysis throughout the metropolitan and regional areas and has experience researching all aspects of waste auditing, including data analysis and community consultation.

Solid waste management is a major issue in society due to the large quantities of waste produced, environmental constraints, public health concerns, the diverse nature of wastes and the diversity in waste sources.

In order to develop a strategy to manage the solid waste stream, detailed and accurate information is required regarding the nature of the total waste stream. In order to obtain this information it is essential to carry out a waste audit. Waste audits conducted by Spartel are tailored to provide all the information required to develop such strategies.

The objective of waste auditing is to quantify and characterise a defined waste stream for the purpose of a more efficient and sustainable waste management system.