Spartel Pty Ltd provides innovative technologies for environmental sustainability in the areas of waste management, contaminated sites and other environmental issues.


The FABCOM system is a new and innovative way to process solid and semi-solid organic wastes on a large scale. It combines the cost advantages of open aerobic cells with the environmental benefits of in-vessel composting.


The BIOBOX in an on-site aerobic/ anaerobic composting system for the rapid stabilisation of highly putrescible wastes.


The BIOCOM system has been designed and developed for large scale bioremediation of organic chemical contaminated sites.


METALOK is a unique product specifically developed to reduce heavy metal contamination in soils, water and solid waste by the integration of several metal immobilisation mechanisms.


The compact, mobile glass crusher is a manually fed unit, processing up to 3000 bottles per hour. The GLASS CRUSHER reduces volume by up to 80%. Unprocessed glass fills waste bins with air pockets which significantly and needlessly reduce waste bin capacity. This technology saves on space and reduces the cost of transport for glass recycling.


The recyclables compactor is a fully automated on site compacting system which compacts: Cardboard, Paper, Sawdust, Plastics, and Aluminium Waste.

The material is compacted under 25t of pressure, reducing the volume by 95%. Plastics and aluminium waste are compacted to produce stackable briquettes for low cost transport. Cardboard and paper are compacted to produce fire or barbeque briquettes which may be used for cooking/ heating, or alternatively sold.