Organic Waste Management

Spartel Pty Ltd specialises in organic waste management and treatment technology. Spartel Pty Ltd has the technologies and expertise to develop and implement sustainable integrated organic waste management strategies to reduce waste and maximise resource recovery

The FABCOM®Hybrid Composting System isan innovative technology developed toprocessliquid and solid organic waste cost effectively and environmentally responsibly.FABCOM®is protected by international patents


 Aerobic cell of the FABCOM® system

The FABCOM® system is a new and innovative approach to processing solid and semi-solid organic wastes. The FABCOM® system combines the cost advantages of open composting systems with the process control and environmental benefits of costly in-vessel composting systems.

The distinguishing feature of the FABCOM® system is the use of specially designed modular Aerobic Cells.The Aerobic Cells allow for optimum aeration and process control, while preventing odour emission, leachate generation,and access for vermin and insects. The FABCOM® system requires only a 250m buffer zone (WA).

Aerobic cell of the FABCOM® system

Each Aerobic Cell can be designed to process up to 3000 m3 of material per annum,and a complete FABCOM® system can be designed to process 5,000-500,000 m3 per annum of organic wastes, ie. biosolids, green and food waste, and industrial sludges. The process is computer controlled and monitored. The processing conditions are optimised to ensure safe, high quality compost in a short process time with minimal environmental and health impact.The process does not require turning equipment.The compost quality can comply with the National Compost Quality Standard(AS4454).


 Finished product-stable, quality compost

The FABCOM® system offers the following unique benefits for processing organic wastes into soil conditioners or organic fertiliser;

  • More economical than in-vessel systems
  • Reduced processing time (4-6 weeks)
  • Flexible plant capacity
  • Low operational costs
  • Computer controlled process
  • Suitable for all putrescible waste
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Low odour emission
  • Improved pathogen destruction
  • No process leachate
  • No vermin or fly breeding problems
  • A quality final product