Hofstede and Associates is the consultancy and training division of Spartel Pty Ltd. We have Extensive experience in the waste management and pollution control industry.

Organic Waste Consultancy Services

We specialise in analysis, assessment, design and training regarding organic wastes. These include:

- Chemical and biological analysis of all types of waste

- Assessment of compotsability of all types of organic wastes using computer controlled incubators

- Assessment of recycling programmes

- Training programmes on organic waste management

- Design and preparation of engineering specifications for forced aeration composting plants

- Design of mobile, forced aeration composting facilities for on-site or country town applications

- Design of municipal and green waste composting facilities

- Design and construction of odour control systems

- Design of vermiculture systems

Contaminated Sites Remediation

Heavy metals and organic pollutants are a legacy of the industrial expansion in cities throughout the world. Hofstede & Associates can design, construct and manage all stages of the remediation process, from initial site assessment to meeting contamination criteria. Brochure.

Integrated Waste Management Strategies

Hofstede & Associates provide consultation on waste stream analysis and Total Waste Management Strategies. An important component of integrated waste management strategies is environmental auditing. Hofstede & Associates were the first company in Western Australia conducting waste audits.

Waste Economic

Hofstede & Associates can provide consultation on the economics of waste management. This can include the following:

- Economic incentives for curbside recycling

- Cost-benefit modeling of waste management systems

- Surveys of community attitudes on waste economics

- Developed and run courses on economics and environmental management