In-Vessel organic Waste Treatment System

Solid Waste Management

Spartel Pty Ltd specialises in the management and processing of organic wastes. Spartel has the in-house expertise to develop and implement fully integrated waste management strategies, and has developed technologies specialising in organic waste recovery and composting. The BIOBOX is one such technology, developed specifically for on-site processing of a range of highly putrescible waste and sludge, and for remediation of contaminated soils.

Organic Waste Treatment

 BIOBOX process control system The BIOBOX is an on-site aerobic, in- vessel composting system, developed for the rapid stabilisation of highly putrescible organic wastes. Food, septic wastes, fish offal, industrial organic sludges and abattoir waste are examples of material that the BIOBOX can convert into valuable, odourless soil amendments.
Why pay high transport and landfill charges when it may be cost effective to process organic waste or contaminated soils, using the BIOBOX?

Soil Remedation

The BIOBOXis highly suitable for rapid on-site remediation of soils contaminated with pollutants such as hydrocarbons and pesticides through bioremediation, vapour extraction and other techniques.

Advantages of the BIOBOX®

 Easy use internal reactor Each BIOBOX has a 20m3 capacity and a short processing time. The annual processing capacity is up to 1000m3 per box. The BIOBOX is a flexible modular system, adaptable to changing waste treatment requirements. The system is designed to minimise operational costs, is easily transportable, flexible and highly efficient. The treatment process is computer controlled and continually monitored to optimise the desired process conditions thus ensuring rapid stabilisation or bioremediation of the substrate.


The environmental and health benefits are:

  • Leachate or odour emission eliminated
  • Complete pathogen destruction
  • No vermin or fly problems
  • Reduced transport cost and risk.